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0121 663 0906

Wolverhampton: 01902 213196
Walsall: 01922 235176
Dudley/Stourbridge: 01384 913526


Q: Is it important for me to get references?
A: It's always useful for someone you know to give a recommendation or reference. If you don't know anyone who can recommend a plumber or gas engineer you should always ask for their Gas Safe I.D and certification.
Q: What can I do to avoid future heating problems?
A: The best way to avoid future problems is to ensure that your boiler is serviced every year. This will help it to run more efficiently and reduce the chances of it breaking down.
Q: How many years' experience is enough for a plumbing/gas engineer?
A: The more experience the engineer has the better. A fitter with more experience will have had exposure to a wider range of problems and may be able to give a more time and cost effective solution.
Q: What kind of heating system should I go for?
A: There are many things to take into consideration for this. Here are a few to think about.
  • Number of occupants
  • Customer preference
  • Size of Property
Q: How can I be more energy efficient?
A: There are many more choices for boilers and appliances available now than there ever has been. Many are rated from A being the most energy efficient, using less gas to warm your home. Try ensuring that pipework is insulated, have double glazed windows, cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. All are methods in which to prevent the escape of heat from your home, saving money on replacing the heat that is lost, thus saving you money on gas
Q: Will I need to move my furniture for you to do the work?
A: If we need furniture to be moved to in order to complete our work, we would access and move this.
Q: How long does it usually take to install a central heating system?
    A: This depends on a few factors:
  • The size of the property
  • The type of installation required
  • The needs of the customer

For example if our customer has young children at the home we aim to ensure that the heating and hot water is switched off for the minimum amount of time. We try and minimize the disruption as much as possible.
Q: Will you just supply the parts that I need?
A: We can supply just parts such as a new boiler or radiators. It would very much depend upon your requirements and we can help you with this.
Q: Do you offer warranties?
A: We do offer warranties, and this depends entirely upon the work that we undertake. For example we would offer 2-5 years on boilers depending on the manufacturer.
Q: Why should I use Midland Gas?
A: Midland Gas is a professional company and we have been in business since 1991. All of our work is guaranteed offering you complete peace of mind. We have carried out work for local Government and many local landlords and letting agents trust Midland Gas to deliver the right service for their requirements. We carry public liability insurance and are fully insured for both injury to persons or accidental/consequential damage to property.
Q: Which areas do you cover?
A: We cover all of the West Midlands, see areas covered page
Q: How often should I get my boiler serviced?
A: Most boilers require a service annually to maintain both efficiency and safety. This would also apply with a brand new boiler.
Q: My boiler is really old. Will you be able to fix it?
A: We will always endeavor to repair any boiler we are called out to. However, safety is paramount and if the boiler is very old it may be that parts are no longer available and it would be unsafe to try in these cases. We would not put our customers at risk by trying to repair the boiler in these circumstances.
Q: The top of my radiator is cold but the bottom is hot?
A: Air may have become trapped in the central heating system which creates a pocket at a point in the radiator and therefore hot water has stopped reaching that part. Your radiator requires bleeding.
Q: The heating and hot water are not working, what do I do?
    A: Here are a few pointers to check what the problem is:
  • Check the mains power supply to the boiler is on
  • Check that the fuse hasn't blow
  • Check if the gas supply is on
  • Check if the thermostat control is on the right setting
  • Check the pump is running
  • Check if the pilot light is on (if your boiler is fitted with one)

If none of the above work, it's time to call us on 0121 663 0906.

  • Worcester
  • Vaillant
  • Baxi
  • Alpha
  • Keston

We have called on Midland Gas a few times now. Each time their service is great. Their skills in ensuring that we have the right solution are spot on and consistently high in standard. Great job lads.

Kay Claire