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0121 663 0906

Wolverhampton: 01902 213196
Walsall: 01922 235176
Dudley/Stourbridge: 01384 913526

Boiler Installations

As you can imagine, your boiler accounts for over half of your yearly energy bills, so it is very important that it is in optimal condition to maximise the efficiency of your central heating system. An older boiler may need replacing even if it is regularly serviced.

Whilst this may seem an expensive route to follow, with a new energy efficient boiler you would make savings from the word go on your energy bills.

Boiler installations covered

    Our Gas Safe engineers can deal with all makes and models for your boiler installation requirements including the following as a brief example:
  • Gas combi boilers
  • Gas conventional boilers
  • Gas condensing boilers
  • Pumps, thermostat and timer
  • Solar powered heating
  • All pipe and ventilation work
  • Under floor heating systems
  • Radiators

So how much will this all cost?

Midland Gas has over 20 years of experience in this area of expertise. One of our Gas Safe engineers would come and complete a site visit to assess and discuss your specific requirements. The reason to come out to the site is so that we can see how and where the installation will be carried out and if there will be any special requirements, e.g. a boiler may be in an area where it is not easy to install and therefore special equipment may be required or we can advise an alternative, easier location for the installation.

All of this will allow us to ascertain the best possible quote for your needs, which you can then discuss and amend as necessary.

Boiler Replacement

Over a period of time, it is not unusual for a boiler to wear down, similar to a car, that despite having a yearly MOT will still not run as smoothly as when it was brand new. As such, modern boilers are known for their increased reliability and efficiency. We would recommend that once a boiler becomes unreliable due to inefficiency, that it is replaced.

As we know, the requirements for a new boiler will vary dramatically between each home and indeed each commercial property. It is therefore important that we advise and explain exactly what we do and consult our customers to ensure the right choices are made and also that they are fit for purpose.

Our Guarantee

All of our work is carried out by our Certified Gas Safe engineers. They all carry their photo ID cards, which we urge you to always check. We will always try to keep any disruption to a minimum whilst we carry out an installation.

As well as the standard warranty that comes with boilers, all of the work we complete also comes with a full 12 month guarantee.

  • Worcester
  • Vaillant
  • Baxi
  • Alpha
  • Keston

We have called on Midland Gas a few times now. Each time their service is great. Their skills in ensuring that we have the right solution are spot on and consistently high in standard. Great job lads.

Kay Claire